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Time Stands Still; Chapter 2

Time Stands Still
Chapter 2

As I was outside, I looked around quickly and suddenly found a place. I had always gone there when I wanted to be alone. It was quiet but it was also very romantic, or so I hoped it would be for her. I guided her to the small restaurant and we took a seat down on the outside. There were a few couples sitting around; all close together and gazing into each others eyes.

I pulled out a chair for Daisy, she gave me her smile and nod and took a seat. I then sat across from her – automatically gazing into her eyes – already.

Her hands came up from underneath her and she offered to take my hands. She stayed looking into my eyes too as I found my hands by design intertwining with hers. “Mason, you don’t have to be nervous.” She mentioned. I hated being that obvious; I was trying so hard to pretend like I wasn’t.

The waiter came over to us and poured us both some wine. “I’ll just have the wine, thanks.” Daisy told him. I looked to her and shrugged, I guess I was going to just have the same thing. I didn’t mind, I wasn’t that hungry after all, and my mind was only set on making Daisy happy. The waiter nodded to us and handed us the bottle.

As time passed and we drank the wine things for me calmed down and I felt more at ease. It was probably the wine, but I realized I wasn’t as nervous anymore and it was just old times, it didn’t even feel like a date anymore.

I just hopped I was doing a good job trying to make it perfect for her even if I wasn’t doing anything but talking. She was giggling, my job was done.

When the wine was finished, I pulled out whatever money I had and placed it on the table and stood up, I offered my hand and she smiled up at me and pulled me close to her. For a moment I felt like I couldn’t breath, my whole body trembled, and I was left speechless. My eyes looked down and I felt bloody ashamed; here I was trying to impress her, make her feel like a queen and she was the one doing all the work by impressing me.

“Mason.” She whispered.

“Yes love?”

“What did I say before?” Her voice was low, and there was a slender bit of annoyance there.

I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to take in a deep breath. When I failed without it being noticeable, she shook her head and let go of me. “Daisy,” I whispered her name now. She looked at me, her face showed no emotion. I ruined everything, but I didn’t stop myself from what I was about to do…

I leaned into her, my hands wrapped around her waste instinctively and I pressed my lips against hers. My hands traveled slightly up her sides and she let me continue to kiss her. It began to deepen gradually as she started to kiss back. Our tongues entangled as one and now it was all utterly perfect…
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