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New Mason/Daisy Fic - Time Stands Still - Chapter 1

Title: Time Stands Still
Rated: R (cursing & sex)
Summary: Mason and Daisy finally go on a “date”... (takes place for a gap filler for episode "Forget Me Not" so WARNING: CONTAINS SPOLIERS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED...
Disclaimer: I only wish this was true. All characters belong to showtime. All ideas however are mine. Thankies.

“This feeling I get whenever I’m around her is bloody ridiculous.” I told Georgie. It was my turn to tell a story.

“Mason, have you ever had sex?” George asked. She had no right to know that, what did it have to with my statement.

“Ummm, well there was this one time...” I began anyway, but stopped myself.

She nodded with a slight laugh. Why did I even answer her? Sighing I looked down and tried to act like a man about this. “You two need to go on a date and see what leads after that, but whatever you do Mason,” She began and out came her finger. “Don’t hurt her, and call afterwards!”

I laughed now, poor Georgie and her guy Trip that left her. Well, I swear to you, I wasn’t like that. Not even close. I think I was more in love with Daisy than anything. From the moment I saw her, I wanted to be her everything. I hid it for too long. And now that my feelings for her are finally surfaced and she knows, I can’t keep myself like this – with this wall blocking me from doing anything. Now, I nod and try to say calm. It hurt so much to be so in love with her. The pain each time I look into her eyes. The love that I knew she had for me but was only too scared to bloody tell me, afraid I would hurt her too. I couldn’t or wouldn’t. And here I go sounding like a broken record.

George was still looking at me, almost as if she was reading my mind. I nodded to her and saw Daisy approaching us. I took a deep breath as she sat across from me and next to George.

“Hi, Mason.” She said quietly as she bit her bottom lip. Things were still awkward for us from the whole “Ray” thing. I wanted to forget it already – it just wouldn’t go away. He was haunting us. That bloody graveling was haunting us.

“Hi, love.” I answered her as I bit down on my own lip. My hands went underneath my bum and I leaned in a bit against the table.

George smirked and looked away from us and tried to pretend like she wasn’t going to listen to anything we were about to say, but we didn’t say anything. We just ended up looking down at each others hands. “Oh fucking hell, you guys…” George busted out. “Someone say something!” She continued. And we didn’t. “Mason!” She shouted.

“Shhhh, Georgie, now isn’t the time.”

“Yes now is the time. My clock is ticking!”

“Well mine isn’t.”

Daisy looked a bit confused at me, then at her. “What are you talking about?” She asked slightly tilting her head.

“Nothing, love.” I answered her.

“Tell me, Mason.” She frowned slightly.

I shook my head, I wasn’t ready, at least not if George was sitting right there. “Whelp, if you don’t mind, it’s time to go and reap!” She then stated and pushed Daisy up and out of the way. When she was gone, Daisy quietly sat back down and kept her focus on me, trying desperately to read me. She was good at that too. I had to speak before it was too late.

“Miss Daisy, would you like to go on a date with me?” There it was done, I bloody fucking said it.

She tilted her head, like always, her whole body leaning into the table. Her hands came out and she took mine into hers. Her glossed lips perched open as she spoke just above a whisper in her soothing voice. “I’d like that, Mason.”

“I understand if you say nnn—what?” Did she just say yes? I blinked, my whole body quivered and I was staring straight into her eyes. “Really love?”

“Yes, Mason.” She answered simply.

“Oh, Daisy,” I chimed. “You won’t forget this, I promise.” I stood up and offered her my hand. She took and bowed slightly, and bit on her bottom lip. She was nervous. I had to make this the best ever. She latched her arm into mine. I didn’t know where I was taking her, but I hoped something would come into my head any second. This had to be just the thing, all of it. It had to be just like how she made me feel--perfect...

Feedback is appreciated, and I shall write more.
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